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Trying To Fly is a cycle designed by H2Hub to model and develop new ideas.

Through the craziness of the super-partners and associates, amazing workshops, homeworks and pitches, you'll work hard bringing your imagination to life.

By the end of this three months cycle, your idea shall be much more detailed and your team more united thanks to our coaching, self-knowledge and entrepreneurial development assignments.

Teams will meet once a week to collaborate, develop their ideas and exchange their experiences with each other.

And do you know what? In these moments the most surprising things can happen.

From just a simple addition to a project to an unexpected partnership between a gastronomy student and an electrical engineer to model an innovative idea.

Do you need more?

Choose a Trying To Fly Premium pack and your project`s success will be the undisputed protagonists!

It has the same base of the regular cycle, but it is shaped to fulfill your idea needs.

Cool, isn't it?




When you're an entrepreneur, specially on the first flight, doubts are really common.

H2Hub Virtual provides an amazing program to vanish all of them away into oblivion.

Mentoring is a professional development service in which someone, that has an awesome knowledge in their area, becomes a mentor for someone that wants to learn where to start.

Do you need some help with IT?

Are you not sure on your company's logo colour?

Accountings is a problem?


...We will find the best expert for you!

But sometimes only developing the technical part of the business isn't enough.


That's why we also offer a Behavioral Mentoring service focused on your development and self-knowledge.

It can be held both individually and in group, to develop yourself or your partnership.


Get the best pack for you!



H2Hub Virtual is a coworking space filled with incredible amenities and tools.

Thanks to collaborative work, our youthful space provides an amazing connection between coworkers.

The most unusual and unexpected partnerships are born here.

Between a graphic designer and a philosopher, an engineering student and a chef, as well as many other alternative partnerships!

You can just have some coffee with us and know more about it.

Discuss a little about you and your ideas.

The H1 Coworking Pack costs only R$ 15,00 per hour, but…

If you need more than that, we will find the best pack for you.

And guess what?

Unisinos' undergraduate students and Unitec's incubated startups have special conditions!

What are you waiting for?

Join us!

H2H Hub Virtual - 2019

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