Among our main goals, we are obsessed with:

· Qualifying initial startups, within individual Contexts, Companies and Universities, as a focus on business and entrepreneurial development.

· Inspiring Entrepreneurs through challenges and workshops applied based on Action Learning methodologies to foster Entrepreneurial Action in Universities and Businesses.

· Instigating Entrepreneurial Culture in Universities and Technologic Parks, developing customized projects that value the alignment between the strategic guidelines of the IEs and their existing or potential interactions with the market and other actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

· Building University Entrepreneurial knowledge, through entrepreneurial teacher training workshops and entrepreneurial trails for students and teachers.

Educational Services

Know our products ...

Building University Entrepreneurial Knowledge
Pre-incubation / Pre-acceleration Program of
Ideas and Projects.
Development of an Integrated and Organized Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.
#Challenge H2H
Proposing Solutions for
Real Life Problems.
#LAB Empreendedor
Custom Program for Developing Ideas and Projects.
#Mão na Massa
Moments of Exchange, Learning and a lot of
Action Learning.

#Entrepreneurial Education Workshop for Teachers 

The Entrepreneurial Education for Teachers Workshop is an experience of sensitization, exchange, reflection, inspiration and modeling to rethink the practice "teacher of teachers".

It is a product that aims to support the construction of university entrepreneurial knowledge.


#Cultural Consulting and Entrepreneurial Trail

With the objective of instigating the entrepreneurial culture and the construction of a university entrepreneurial knowledge, H2Hub's Entrepreneurial Education consulting projects are designed and modeled to meet both
IEs strategic guidelines, such as strategic actions for the development of an active and purposeful university entrepreneurial context. The focus is on developing an integrated and organized entrepreneurial ecosystem.

#Entrepreneur LAB

Entrepreneur LAB is a custom program for developing project ideas, to stimulate your transformation into real business.
It is intended for educational institutions that seek to instigate the university entrepreneurial culture by developing the entrepreneurial attitude and behavior of their academic community.


#Nursery Of Ideas

H2Hub Nursery Of Ideas is a pre-incubation / pre-acceleration program for ideas and projects to qualify early stage entrepreneurs for the incubation and / or acceleration process. The program aimed at qualifying early stage startups is aimed at business incubators, technological parks and accelerators.

#H2H Challenge

H2H Challenge is the space that inspires entrepreneurs to propose solutions to real life problems. Held in a workshop format, H2H Challenge targets students, teachers, startups, companies and distinguished organizational contexts.

#Hands On

The Hands On Workshops H2H are moments of exchange, learning and a lot of Action Learning in the vein, that is, learning by doing. We qualify entrepreneurs and startups in both behavioral and attitude aspects, as well as
entrepreneurial, as in more technical and tooling, aspects. The workshops cover topics such as: Entrepreneurial Orientation, I Eat Business, Design Thinking, Agile Methods for Execution, Pitch etc.

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